Classroom Management System

As a future teacher of Elementary school students I have never thoroughly thought much about classroom management or what it may be until taking this class. Now that I understand the fundamentals of a classroom and what you need to have in order to make it complete, I can rationalize why managing your classroom in certain ways can be so important.

            In order to create a productive learning environment in my classroom I have established the following goals for my philosophy of classroom management. Beginning from day one, I shall communicate my rules and expectations clearly to the students and their parents, make a positive environment that makes them feel physically and emotionally safe, vocalize to them daily what is expected of them, create a welcome and warm learning environment, and to keep them focused on the lesson plans by involving them and keeping the lessons flowing. I shall elaborate in the following paragraphs on my system.

            On the first day of school I will hand out packets to the students. In those packets I will include a letter to their parents welcoming them and their student into my classroom and expressing how excited I am to begin the year, get to know them and work together on their child’s education. I will also provide two sheets of my rules for the class, those for the students, how I would like the parents to participate in their students learning, and my goals for the school year. I will also verbalize to the students my rules and have a fun, creative display of the rules at the front of the classroom where they can easily read them. In an effort to include the students in on the classroom management, I will help them come up with rules they feel should be in the classroom and we will post those rules with the ones I have already included.

            I will welcome all of the students to class daily. I will have everyone say their names on the first day and have them get to know each other by having them share things about themselves. I will not treat any of them different than one another. I shall interact with each of them so that they all know they are cared for, listened to and respected and I shall expect their classmates to treat them the same.

            I will be sure that the students know that I expect them to succeed and in order for them to do so I will be there when they need me to be. This means that I will be there before or after school to tutor them if they need it, I will explain a lesson and spend more time on it if they seem confused during the lesson and I will keep in contact with their parents on a weekly basis so they know what their students are learning and how they are doing in class.

To make my classroom a fun learning environment that keeps the students entertained, but not distracted, I will have various posters and learning materials on the walls. I will have a board on the wall where I can display the student’s best assignments weekly to show that I am proud of them and their work. 

            In order to keep the students focused on the lesson plans I will have a continuous flow of activities for them. Younger students have a shorter attention span, but are very eager to please. In order to use this to the best of my abilities, I will have fun lessons that include them in on the discussions, have fun learning activities and keep them busy throughout the day. I will be sure to have extra activities as well for my lessons just in case a lesson goes quicker than planned and the students grasp the material faster than expected.

            While my first year will be a tough one, as it is for most teachers, I hope by following these simple classroom management plans I will be able to create a learning environment that is productive and fun for the students and myself.


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