Lesson Plan

EDU 1010

Orientation to Education

Children’s Literature Activity/Lesson Plan

Name: Margaret Fangmann

Book Title: My Many Colored Days

Author: Dr. Seuss

Illustrators: Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

 Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book as I have always enjoyed Dr. Seuss in my life and I know many people that have as well. He has numerous books that are wonderful to read and his rhymes are great for children. When browsing the uen.org lesson plans I came across this book and three others. I went to the library and checked out all of them. After reading through them I decided on this boo because of the above reason and because I knew it would be great for an ice breaker in class, all while teaching the children a lesson.

Utah State Standard:

Standard 1: Students develop a sense of self. Objective 3: Develop and use skills to communicate ideas, information, and feelings.

Objective (s):

The objectives of this lesson are to teach social skills and ethical responsibilities to students, as well as teaching them the various ways to communicate, whether the communication is oral, artistic, written or nonverbal.


The materials needed for this lesson are 2 graphs, 1 of just colors and another of the colors with their means (as provided by the book). You also need the book and sticky notes for the students to mark their names on the graph.

Background for Teachers:

Teachers are instructed to ask their students, “How do you feel today?” They will then be instructed to choose a color of how they feel today, read the book and then asked again, with the children having learned the meaning of the colors.

Intended Learning Outcomes: (same as objectives)

The intended learning outcomes include the symbolization of the colors vs. feelings of the students, descriptions of colors, data collection and interpretation (why do these students feel this way , while more students feel that way?), classification of those outcomes and conclusions of the data (this many students feel this way, this many that, etc.).

Instructional Procedures:

You begin the lesson by asking the students, “How do you feel today?” You then show them the chart without the meanings on it, have them mark with a sticky note how they feel that day. Upon completion of the students marking their feelings you read them My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. After reading it you get out your second chart. Have the children mark their selection based on the classification of those colors and graph their responses. Ask them why they think their answers changed or did not change. Ask what other information can be read from the graphs and explain why the graphs have changed or not.

Family Connections: (take home activity)

A copy of the book may be sent home with a different student each night. You can make them a similar graph and have them read the book to their family. Have their family members mark the graphs just as the students did. Have each student bring the graphs back to school and share them and the information.

Assessment Plan: (how do you plan to assess whether or not students gained the skill/concept?)

I will ask the students many questions throughout the lesson. I will then return to the lesson a week later and few more times throughout the semester by having them chart their feelings on a graph for those days and compare them to the previous graphs. I will ask them questions about the differences, why they may or may not differ in feelings/colors and what may have changed in their lives.


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