Philosophy of Education

            Philosophy and theory are one in the same in that they both explain the events and behaviors of our lives and the world around us. Philosophy differs in the fact that it goes beyond theory to examine theories, ideas and beliefs. Philosophy considers what theories should be.

I strongly believe students should have a basic and fundamental area of education that they can rely on in order to excel later on in their lives. They should be able to comprehend math, read and write fluently, and understand science and social studies. This gives them the ability to function normally in society.

By teaching students through lecture and quizzing them frequently I will be able to test their ability to learn and retain information. As a teacher I hope to be able to have lively discussions with students regarding the subject matter they are learning.

My belief is that you cannot simply lecture and have question and practice for students.

Not all students learn well through lecture alone and most are able to retain information, especially when related with math and science, through real life experiences. The downfall is that in the elementary years many students do not have real life experiences and it is up to the teachers and parents to help them acquire that knowledge. In an attempt to help them develop their problem solving and decision making skills I hope to add discovery to my lessons. Instead of teaching a student 9 x 9 = 81, I want to show them ways to discover how to make 81 out of 9. I want to take the students outside in the fall to show them the changing leaves and explain why the cold weather causes the trees to lose them.

I hope to be the best teacher I can be by giving students lectures and concrete experiences in their lives they can look back on and easily remember the lessons I taught them.

It also my belief that teachers should provide the fundamental belief in the prevailing ideas of our culture. If we do not give students information related to the cultures in which they live, then they are not going to understand the importance of some lessons.

            I had a middle school teacher assign us to read “The Red Badge of Courage” when we were learning about the Civil War, while one of my high school teachers had us read “Roots” for when we were learning about the history of black slavery. Historical literature, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, is essential to me in helping learn about our history. It also helps students understand the differences in past times compared to current and adds interest to our country and world history.


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