English 2600: Critical Intro to Literature

I chose to take English 2600 online as I have limited time and spend most of it between my two jobs and what remains completing homework and studying for classes. I have previously taken Literature classes during my schooling (in both high school and in college), both in a classroom . This is one that has truly had a great impact upon me. I have not only thoroughly enjoyed the readings, but also my professor.

In this class I found myself relearning how to pay attention to the words within a story, poem, drama and non-fiction essays and notice their meaning. It was a slow process and I am glad we began with fictional short stories. By starting a point that I was comfortable with I began researching information regarding when the story was written and what current events at that time might have influenced the author’s writing. This taught me that many authors tend to express history within their words. You may be reading a fictional piece, but you are also experiencing a small part of a world that used to be. I am now more interested in reading more fiction and learning more about the authors.

My most favorite portion of this class was drama. For our second essay we were asked to write an analysis of one of the plays we had read. We read a play titled “Riders to the Sea” by J.M. Synge. The Irish and Aran culture has always interested me so I chose this play to write my essay on. I researching Pagan and Christian beliefs for this essay and their importance within the play. It was also my first play I had read where I actually thought of a thing as a character. The sea is always present in the character’s thoughts and actions; it is what makes up their everyday lives. It amazed me how beautifully Synge inserted the sea within his play.


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